Sunset offset [SOLVED]

I am looking for actualised guide how to set an offset to Astro Bindings.
I can’t find a way how to do it, as is example for OH2.5 where you can add Items textually.

Simple rule:

rule "obyvacka-spusti_rolety"
    Channel 'astro:sun:local:civilDusk#event' triggered START
        logInfo("obyvacka-spusti_rolety.rules", "Spustam rolety, uz je tma")
  1. What should be the method? Should I create a new Local Sun Thing and make the offset changes there to let the original non-offset value untouched?

  2. Where should be the offset done? I want to make channel with civilDusk Start +15 min.


OH 3 can still work the exact same way if you use .things files.

To do it through MainUI, browse to your Thing, click on the Channel tab. Go to the Channel you want to set an offset for, click on it and select “Configure Channel”.

It depends. If you want to use the civilDusk event without the offset you’ll need to Things, one with the offset and one without.

You are using the #event Channel to trigger your rule so you would add the offset to that Channel.

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