Some time ago I started a little project for my little cousin.
I call it SuperLEDstrip. :sunglasses:

Finally, I found the time to add some documentation and publishing it on GitHub.

While this is completely stand alone at the moment, I think this could be improved by adding wifi and mqtt to connect this project to openHAB.
To be honest, I don’t know when or if I will do this.

But feel free to comment, discuss, copy or even improve. :slight_smile:


Awesome bro, Congratz,

Greetings from Chile,

I got wifi and mqtt working with the help of homie-esp8266.

Now this project is compatible with openhab. :sunglasses:

See the homie branch of the project.

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I merged the homie branch into the master and added some more light scenes.

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Hi @christoph_wempe,

Thanks for making this, it looks great!

I’ve been looking for something to replace my StripInvaders installs, this looks like it might do it.
Will it work ok without a screen?


When you control it via mqtt (and openhab) you don’t need the display.
Just don’t connect it.

If have tested this.

It might be nicer to clean up the code of the nextion parts, but it should not interfere if you leave the code in.

Really awesome job! Thanks for sharing