Support for Aeotec Smart Switch model ZW078

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  • Issue of the topic: I need to interface with electric power/energy devices for home automation. I have tried using Home Assistant, Domonitz, and OpenHab had only limited success with reading 2 measurements out of 6 from the Aeotec Smart switch model ZW078. I see that it is not supported in the Things Summary >

What can I do from here? This switch is the only 40A, 220Vac rich measurement set that I found at a reasonable price.

Right now I am using HA because there are others using it also. But it only captures kW and kWh. I need more. Open Hab was recommended by Aeotec but could not find it in the things summary.

Using a zooz Zstick S2 plus, if this is significant.

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The ZW078 has been in the Z-Wave binding device database for about 2.5 years. Do you have openHAB setup with the Z-Wave binding? What do you need help with?

I see it It had been supported since OpenHAB 2.3.0 and eawas last updated in openHAB 2.5.6.

leads to this page.



Thanks for the reference to a potential solution using openHAB 2.5.6. I assume that you suggest that I should use 2.5.6.

I have executed my installation using openHABian and am lost as to where to find the download 2.5.6. I can only find 2.5.8.

Also does this mean I will need to install it manually?


That means the latest settings for that device are in 2.5.6 and newer. Running 2.5.8 is OK.

Thanks Bruce

How do I confirm that Voltage, Current, kW, and kWh are all supported as items in 2.5.6 for the ZW078 aeotec switch?

Also can you recommend a Utube introduction. I need to get spun up again on this platform.


Why would you want to use 2.5.6? I would strongly suggest to use the latest version. If there’s a problem with your device, it’s very likely to exist in 2.5.6 as well

If you follow the link I posted and go to Endpoints, you will see all of the Channels created that Items can be linked to…

I think you need to log in to the site to see that though.

Thanks Chris

Was not sure that subsequent releases maintain previous bindings.

I have using the latest version. I am a newbe so still getting up to speed on openHAB.



Very encouraging since I have tried 3 other platforms and they just give me a limited set of measurements.

Still learning openHAB.


For the most part, devices are added or updated. Very occasionally a non-functional entry is marked for deletion.

One reason I moved from Home Assistant to openHAB over a year ago was the Z-wave device support.