Support for Color_Temp/Brightness


Currently Lxone returns Color_Temp/Brightness ( temp(xxx,yyy) ) as HSBType - so the actual value for Color Temerature is lost.

But - I’d need those values to pass it to my Tradfri bulbs.

So I hacked the source function “fromBrightnessTemperature(String value)” to “encode” the value into the hue/sat fields …

int lsb = temperature % 100;
int msb = temperature / 100;

return new HSBType(String.valueOf(msb)+","+String.valueOf(lsb)+","+String.valueOf(brightness));

… which does the job - but now my other lamps - using “real” hsv values, won’t work.

Is there a way to change the loxone-channel-code, so that I could pass a flag “temp=true”, to choose, how to behave?

Or maybe a better solution - if the channel is defined as NumberType - it would return brigthness/temp as a decimal number, brigness beeing the digits in front the decimal point, color temparature beeing the digits behind the decimal point?