Support for Dimmer with Start-Stop Telegramm #635

I am currently trying to implement the knx start/stop dimming for datapoint type 3.007 as described in

I understand that the start/stop behaviour should be handled solely in the knx binding.
I have a couple of questions, though.

  1. The stop command from datapoint 3.007 (0/7) must be mapped to an openhab item type. What type should I use here? Is StartStopType.STOP appropriate?
  2. How should the start/stop dimming behaviour be configured/activated? I think it makes sense to configure it per item/datapoint. Something like {knx=“3.007:2/0/1ss”} with the ‘ss’ activating the start/stop dimming behaviour.
  3. I currently only implemented the direction knx->openhab, meaning I can dimm an openhab item (e.g. a philips hue bulb) with an MDT knx dimmer with start/stop dimming. I haven’t implemented the other way around. It works for my MDT dimmer just right. Is there a demand for that, too?

Please let me know your thoughts about it so that I can create a PR…


This is my first try:
Feedback very welcome!

Hi Axel,

i have no time at the moment to set up the develompment enviroment, but if you can make a binary of the plugin availible i’ll give it a try.


Hi Marc,

sorry for the long wait, but I had to do some adjustments for 1.8.2.
I prepared a binary of the knx plugin with my changes based on 1.8.2:

To use it, just add an ‘ss’ to the group address in the binding configuration, e.g. {knx="3.007:2/0/1ss"}.


Hi Axel,

this is a very old topic.
I am using Openhab 3 to control a Dimmer (Philips HUE) with an MDT Glastaster.
I´m using a dimmer Control Channel with a rule. This works, but it is not perfect.

Does the Binding 3.0 support Start/Stop Commands by adding ss at the end of the Group Adress?

Regards Pascal

Hi Pascal,

actually that was the exact szenario I developed the start/stop dimming functionality for (MDT glastaster to dimm philips hue lights).
I‘m sorry, but the Start/stop code was never ported to the new knx 2 binding, so it won‘t work.
I don‘t use the dimming functionality and more that‘s why I never brought up the energy to port it. The new binding works a lot different from what I understand, so it would need some work…


Ok, thanks for your answer, stay healthy and have a good time.