Support for Eltako FUTH55D Temperature and Humidity

Hi all,

I managed to modify the enocean binding to make Eltakos FUTH55D work (Room panel with humidity and temperature (EEP A5-10-12), however no setpoint change).
It’s not a big change in code. However, I have no experience with GIT nor with the workflow how to bring it into the main branch.

Could someone help?

Hello Sven,

A lot of good work has been done with the older OpenOcean add-on. I added it into my addons folder on OH4 and managed to get it running relatively easily.

In my case, Room Operating Panel (EEP A5_10_10) reporting setpoint offset, occupancy and humidity are now correct.

I do hope that the standard enocean binding will nme nevertheless be corrected. looki g at the various fixes and release of OpenOcean you make find the various corrections done in the past. let my know ihow this works out for you!

Cheers, algol

Hi Arnaud,

it really works out of the box with Openhab 4 and EEP A5_10_12 ! Both, humidity and temperature work. Great!

I used Openhab 3.4.3 prevsiously and there was no support. Hence I added some code…
When updating to Openhab 4, I added the code there, too but I overlooked that there have been fundamental changes in class A5_10 :grinning: The implementation looks much smarter now…

Long story short: problem solved.

Thank you very much!