Support for HomeSeer hs-wx300 z-wave dimmer/switch

One of my dimmers died, and I replaced it with new shiny HomeSeer HS-WX300 in dimmer mode.

The dimmer is showing up as “Unknown device”. I can’t find it on the z-wave supported device list or any mention of it on the community forum.

Is it really not supported? What is the process for adding support?

There are two devices of the same name, but different numbers in the DB. Does the unknown device numbers match either one?

What version of OH3 are you on? Based on the approval dates for those devices, it is likely that they were missing from OH3.2. When a device is modified, for whatever reason, it disappears from subsequent binding DB updates until it is approved.

Course of action depends on the answers.


I was recognized after I updated to the latest snapshot. I was assuming that the device list in git was kept up to date with the snapshot, and when I did not see it on the list I assumed it was not supported.

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