Support for IKEA Fyrtur blinds

I recently got IKEA fyrtur blinds and I’d like to know if it would be possible to control them using zigbee binding. I’ve actually managed to add them as a zigbee device, but only battery related channels are recognized:

I’ve also captured debug log from zigbee binding during pairing process, is there any chance to get it working?

fyrtur.log (586.5 KB)

My 2 blinds just popped up in PaperUI. And it worked. image

Do you use zigbee binding or zigbee2mqtt, and what version? I’ve tried pairing them again with zigbee binding 2.5.2 and got same result - only battery channels are available.

Perhaps I haven’t read your message right.
I use the Ikea Trådfri binding and the Ikea Trådfri gateway, no Zigbee binding
But until yesterday, the Thing also only showed the battery status, as what you experienced. But now, I can control the blinds from PaperUI, I have not yet set up in sitemap or the like.
I can also now see, that the blinder is added in the documentation for the Trådfri with the ZigBee Device ID “202”

Yeah I was talking about zigbee binding. Maybe @chris would be able to help with this?

Have you had any further success with this? On the latest stable Openhab build (2.5.4) on Ubuntu X86, Coordinator Ember Em35XX - I end up in the same spot.
The blinds can be added, but I only get the battery channels. Actually - Identical to your results.
Did you ever hear anything from @chris?

Using the Ikea Gateway is driving me mad, since I have a latency of 20 seconds when communicating with the gateway from openhab.

Regards /Daniel

I’ve not done anything with this as I don’t have any devices for testing.

I also would like to get one of these, provided, they work with the zigbee binding. @chris, is there anything I can do to get this supported?

If a few people want to donate some £€$ then I will purchase one for testing and add support for this. They are not super cheap though so while I do often buy devices just for testing, in this case it’s a little too expensive for me to justify spending the full amount at least.

So a debug log after I buy it won’t be sufficient?

Well, it might be, but I’m reluctant to go down this route. I’ve done it in the past, and it often takes a lot of time to get the right logs, and often we never capture the logs I need and everyone ends up unhappy after having spent a lot of time on it.

I know no-one likes to pay for things, but I think it’s the best way if a few people can chip in.

How can I chip in? :smiley:

I don’t have them, but they’re on my wish list.

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Damn why didn’t you say it earlier, I’d be happy to donate some money to get you the device for testing. How can we do it now?

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I’ve got a V1 Philips Hue Hub laying around, happy to donate if it’s any help.

One way you can do so is by using the Donate button on the bottom of the page found here.

I’m sure Chris will let us know if he has any other preferred methods. :smile:

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Donated, but not the whole thing. So some others will need to donate as well.

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Thanks @ljsquare - there is a donate button at the bottom of my webpage.

Thanks @Maximo. In general the hubs are of less use - it’s getting the sensors etc that helps except when some special devices are only usable with a specific hub.

Thanks @AFromD.

I’ll trust that a few others will also chip in and get one on order over the next couple of days.

I’ve ordered the smallest version - unfortunately the earliest delivery isn’t for 3 weeks (7th June).

Made a contribution as well.


Thanks guys. This is on order - even if Ikea seem a little slow to get delivered…