Support for Zigbee StelPro STZB402+ thermostat

Dear OpenHab community,

Did anybody managed to get ZigBee version of StelPro STZB402+ thermostat working with the OpenHab?
The Z-wave version of the same device functions perfectly, but unfortunately for some bazaar reason it doesn’t support fan heaters, so I am trying to bring ZigBee version online.
The device is seen and recognized, but the channels only allow to read the temperature, there is no set-point. Three read-channels are Temperature, Outdoor Temperature, and Local Temperature.

Here are ZigBee properties:

|hardwareVersion |1|
|modelId |STZB402+|
|vendor |Stelpro|
|zigbee_applicationVersion |104|
|zigbee_datecode |20170307 00215|
|zigbee_logicaltype |ROUTER|
|zigbee_manufacturercode |0x1185|

Here is the manufacturer documentation:
Update, there is also SmartThing code for support if this device (if helpful):

I’d be happy to cover the cost of getting the device or send the device if somebody is willing to take a look at it. Or alternatively will welcome guidance on trying to add the device myself.

Thanks all!

If I am the first one down this trail, is there any information / howto / samples on how to add support for a new ZigBee device?

Thanks all!

Quick update, in case somebody else is interested in using this device.
I was able to integrate this thermostat using zigbee2MQTT, it’s working great!