Support of AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E

I have installed the AVM FRITZ! Binding, which works well. As hardware I am using

AVM FRITZ!Box 7590
AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E

The AVM FRITZ!Powerline 540E is auto discovered as switchable outlet. However, unlike the AVM FRITZ!Powerline 546E this device does not have a power outlet. Also the binding seems to not correctly communicate with this device.

How can this be fixed, so that the device is correctly represented or that auto discovery is suppressed?

Thanks for response and feedback

Hi Thomas,

The avmfritz binding does not support other Powerline devices except 546E. I think the best way to solve it programmatically is to suppress every other discovered device.

Until a fix has been implemented you can either ignore the wrong discovery result or disabled UPnP discovery for the binding as written in the documentation:

Auto-discovery is enabled by default. To disable it, you can add the following line to <openHAB-conf>/services/runtime.cfg:


Understood and thanks for the response.

I have disabled the thing. However, you might want to solve it programmatically as indicated.