Support of Yeelight Ceiling [yeelink.light.ceiling20]

I am new to this, but I want to start from somewhere. The ceiling lamp has Ambilight too. I am using Paper UI and I added the addon Yeelight but it doesn’t show up my ceiling lamp. I have enabled LAN Control from the Yeelight app and managed to get the Device ID through python package, added it manually but it says the device is offline. Also, I noticed that the LAN Control drops when I turn off from the app the ceiling lamp, any ideas?

I don’t know if that helps, but this is the result of the python package with the attributes.
[{'ip': 'XXXXXX', 'port': 55443, 'capabilities': {'id': '0x00000000XXXXXX', 'model': 'ceiling20', 'fw_ver': '20', 'support': 'get_prop set_default set_power toggle set_bright set_scene cron_add cron_get cron_del start_cf stop_cf set_ct_abx set_name set_adjust adjust_bright adjust_ct bg_set_rgb bg_set_hsv bg_set_ct_abx bg_start_cf bg_stop_cf set_scene_bundle bg_set_default bg_set_power bg_set_bright bg_set_adjust bg_adjust_bright bg_adjust_color bg_adjust_ct bg_toggle dev_toggle', 'power': 'on', 'bright': '100', 'color_mode': '2', 'ct': '6500', 'rgb': '0', 'hue': '0', 'sat': '0', 'name': ''}}]

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I am not familiar with this device but you can also search for (and file an issue) on github. See the link below and also check the closed issues as you may find a solution similar to the issue your having.

use the ‘Xiaomi Mi IO Binding’

and use a things like this:

Thing miio:basic:lamp “lamp” [ host=“ip of your lamp”, deviceId=“your device id”, token=“your token”, model=“yeelink.light.ceiling4.ambi” ]

Thank you for your reply. I added the Mi IO as you told me and it find it automatically, but now appears it like that:

Any ideas?

Are you using PaperUI only for the thing configuration? If so, try deleting the thing in PaperUI then use Things file and the syntax like Marcel posted above.

For linux OS the Things file is located at /etc/openhab2/things and you can use nano or vim text editor but VSCode with Samba share is the best.

Video for setting up VSCode/Samba:

Hello eliac7 did you managed to solve the issue with the ceiling20? I have same one, but still looking for a solution.