Support questions about the zigbee binding


Does the native Zigbee binding support older Philips Hue Tap switches (i see quite some confusion online - i mean the older 4 button round switch without battery not the newer squarish dimmer with battery)?

I have one of those and I am transitioning from the Hue binding to direct control via the zigbee binding but i am unable to pair the Hue-Tap switch.
Is it correct conclusion it is not supported? Has anyone successfully used it? Perhaps with zigbee2mqtt? Is it the device itself that is not supported or in general Zigbee Green power that is missing?

I tried doing the same procedure as in the Hue app with no success. I also tried to check the OH log but there are no zigbee message related tot he Hue-Tap there ether…

Changing gears - how about the INCREASE/DECREASE commands? I have several philips hue bulbs and strips connected and neither supports those commands. The HSB and percent control works fine.

My set up in case relevant:

  • OH 3.2 running in docker
  • POPP usb stick for zigbee

Thanks for the help!