Supported wall mount switches

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to the whole Homeautomation stuff. Yet I’ve managed to set up a Raspberry Pi A with OpenHAB and Homegear along with some Philips HUE stuff connected via Homegear.

Currently I am looking for a wall mount switch in order to turn some HUE bulb on/off. The Intertechno YWT-8500 was one being favored by me.
But I couldn’t find any working examples how to integrate wall mount switches. Most are about controlling a switch module directly connected to a common light bulb.

So the question: Can signals from a wall mount switch like YWT-8500 be recognized and used within a rule to turn on a HUE bulb?
Can anyone give me examples how to do this?
I’ve ordered a 433Mhz CUL and will try to use this.

Many thanks for any help!