Supporting OpenHAB

For those of us who can’t support the project by contributing code, what’s the best way to donate? I couldn’t see a donation link on the homepage/wiki - there should be!


Other non-technical ways to contribute can include being active here in the community and updating the wiki.

At the very bottom of the Home page to the right is a Donate Button. Pressing it takes you here.

I agree that contributions to the WIKI pages would be of great benefit to all users.

Yeah, this is well hidden and it actually does not even work to embed the link (as Paypal uses some Javascript magic).
Another way to donate through PayPal is this link:

This is something VERY valuable indeed and I appreciate the efforts from every single one of you being active here! There is often the (fully correct) complaint about little documentation, especially for beginners. Besides helping on the Wiki, I also think that needs to be completely redone.

Another strong wish from my side would be to find volunteers to help on a wikipedia article - see also

Besides donating money, doing support or helping on documentation, you can also simply talk about the project to your friends - make it known, spread the word, organize some local meet-up. There are many different options to contribute that have nothing to do with code :smile:


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It comes up as paying in Euro, which is a little strange for us USA’ers. But I have figured out that a ton of you guys, and apparently the originators are German. Anyway it had no issue accessing my paypal account, so it worked fine.

Yes, the PayPal account is held in Euro, that’s why the donations are in Euro, too.
Thanks for your support of the project!

I’m willing to spend a bit of time updating the Getting started page - how would be easiest for you? Should I give you it as HTML/Markdown or plain text? I don’t want you needing to spend just as much time formatting it as I do re-writing it!

Sounds great!
The simplest thing for us would be if you directly create a PR against - this is where the sources of the website are located!

oops - should have thought of that! I’ll get cracking!