Surface mounted thermostat to control floor heating

to control my floor heating I’m looking for smart thermostats for surface/on-wall mounting.

I had one in wall where I installed a MCOHome which is quite nice but all my others are surface mounted but have live power and the control wire to the valve. In best case I’m looking for a direct replacement with at least manual thermostat control but also connectable via Z-Wave. Alternatively Zigbee because those two technologies I already have infrastructure for. Anything else might be an option if it can easily be connected to openHAB.

It seems very hard to find something like this. In case anyone knows about an option please let me know.

A floor heating thermostat is actually decomposed into two pieces: a valve and a thermometer. You could use any actuator for the valve and any temperature sensor if you do the intelligence piece in openHAB.
But you’re asking for that intelligence, too. You can get commercial solutions from I believe Danfoss, MAX! and others to work wireless, but what’s the point asking for this on a OH forum ?

I’m asking here (in the hardware section) to see if anyone reading here has a recommendation for sucn a hardware. I think this is reasonable since yes, I want the intelligence otherwise I could just keep my dumb bi-metal thermostats.
But one of my requirements is also that the manual interaction should work even if my controller is broken or if somebody has no clue how to manage it.
I have checked the web for hardware already but I’m failing to find something suitable.
Since heating controlling is one of the top usecases for a smarthome and OH is what I was expecting some people to have solved the same issue already.

As mentioned earlier I already have that one:
but it’s in-wall and not on-wall mounted.

Then you should at least clearly state that and categorize it maybe to the Off-Topic section.
This forum is on openHAB, not on Home Automation in general.

Come on!!!
In this case, it´s not fair to say it´s offtopic, as the one he´s using is a z-wave compatible one and even mention zigbee. There could potentionally be several people in here with experiences with these. Wether or not he will be using openhab, is not really an issue, as he´s looking for something which can both.