Surveillance camera viewer solution

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: PI4 8Gb
    • openHAB version: 3.0.0 - Release

Hi there.

I am looking for a solution for a new raspberry PI4 with a monitor (a physical one, 24 inch) that I am going to use as a camera viewer. I would like to avoid any physical interaction with it, so I assume the solution should be event driven. I will still leave a mouse connected just in case.

The idea is that openHab decides what to show on that monitor based on some events.

For example

  • from 1pm to 3pm our baby is asleep, so a baby camera should be displayed there full screen.
  • outside of this time - show 4 or 6 other cameras.
  • I have HabPanel installed on an old android tablet, so a switch can be used to show a specific camera on the monitor if required.
  • if motion detection event received from the entrance, the image should switch to the entrance camera for a while.

As for now I do not have any NVR solution, but I will definitely use one. I am aware of Zoneminder (that it exists, no idea about features) and a binding for openhab. I also found mentions of Agent DVR.

To reduce the load for the raspberry with openhab, my future NVR should deal with cameras and provide jpg snapshot, mjpeg and hls streams. In this case IP camera binding won’t use much resources to handle cameras. I still would like to use IP camera binding as it is easy to send a notification with a picture to my phone if anything happens.

I would appreciate any advice about what can be used here.

As for my ideas, there isn’t much:

  • Hab panel, but I am not sure how to switch a view based on events/switches
  • a viewer from NVR for a raspberryPI, but it should have an API to be able to control it

Thank you for your time.

Since you use habpanel, check this widget out

Custom Widget: Camera History and Live Popup - Apps & Services / HABPanel - openHAB Community

There are numerous ways to do what you want.
One example is to use the ipcamera bindings ‘group’ thing. It can be used to display a full screen picture of 4 cameras that take it in turns to display, but if motion occurs it will change to only displaying the camera/s that have motion. Probably not what your after as a screen that keepings changing may be distracting.

Habpanel does have the ability to load a page when a trigger goes off from memory, but never used it.

I believe the new OH3 UI can do this as well, but I have once again never done it so cant offer advice other than I would spend time doing it in the new UI and not use habpanel if it was possible.