Surveillance Camera


I have a Android tablet “pointing” to my main entrance and also a magnetic door sensor to the entrance door.

Now I would like to trigger the front camera on the Android tablet when the entrance door is opened.The camera need to be completely silent and it can take a series of still photos or X sec video.

What app should I use on Android tablet?
How to trigger the Android app from openHAB2?

Thanks in advance for you support!
/ Joacim

For Android automation stuff I like Tasker, have a look at that, should be able to get it going.

As to how to trigger the Android App from openHAB there are probably better ways that I haven’t tried but I did get openHAB1 to send a certain text via pushbullet to the tablet that Tasker could Intercept and then action.


A possibility might also be to go with ZoneMinder, though it will require a ZoneMinder Server.
It should be possible to make your tablet act as a IP Camera. Then you can configure that as an monitor in ZoneMinder.

A binding for ZoneMinder for OH2 is on its way, though it is not relased yet.
It is possible to trigger for motion in ZoneMinder and that trigger is actually just a switch in OH.
What I suggest i far more complex than the previous suggestion, so it might not be what you are looking for?

There are apps that let you do this and I’ve successfully integrated them with ZoneMinder in the past. I can’t remember the apps at this time but searching the Play store for “IP Camera” should be sufficient.