Surveillance Station Home Mode switch via OpenHab3

Hi there,
i’m new on OH and on this forum so I hope i’m not making any mistake creating this post!

I use OH3 running into a Docker Container inside a Synology Nas.
I’m trying to use keypad widget to create a text var, then i check if it matches the Alarm code;
If so, the rule should send a http request to the local server that switch Home Mode.

I made a rule that switch on and off the Home mode in my Synology Surveillance Station via webhook provided by Surveillance station itself.

I know the “if” part is working fine except for the “sendHttpGetRequest”

var AlarmCode, InsAlarmCode;

AlarmCode = ‘XXXX’;
InsAlarmCode = itemRegistry.getItem(‘CodiceInserito’).getState();
if (InsAlarmCode == AlarmCode) {

If i simply open the URL from a web browser it works fine but I would like to achieve the same result using an OH3 rule.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


i am sure you get this solved with your http request but I want to give you another direction which is using the Synology Diskstation Binding. There you have the Home Mode Channel for the Surveillance Station which you can comfortably work with in rules if you want and you don’t need to work with your http string to activate / deactivate your home switch.

Hi Muelli, thanks a lot for the hint! :pray: That made my day!

I’ve already tried with the Synolody Binding but I couldn’t find the Home Mode Channel as channel list was empty so I haven’t tried to clieck on “Show Advanced” :sweat_smile:

I was getting crazy tryng to do it via HTTP!

THANKS!!! :pray:

Hi there,
Unfortunately my NAS got reset so I had to install OH3 again.

Despite last time I managed to connect it with Surveillance Station with the binding, now I see the bridge going offline as soon as I link a channel, in my case Home Mode channel.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?
Can it be something related with the version of surveillance station?

Thanks in advance for your help!!