Surveillance system, cameras and software

So, surveillance…
I’m planning to install a couple of cameras to monitor around my house. I’m currently planning just two cameras along the two long walls of the house, but I might add one or two monitoring the garage and driveway.

A colleague of mine uses a couple of Ubiquiti cameras and their NVR box, and that seemed nice to me.
This is still an option but, as I understand it, by choosing them I will be “locked in” since it’s a closed system (?).

I’m not entirely sure I will incorporate anything regarding the surveillance system into my small OpenHab system, but it sure would be nice to be able to if I want to at a later stage.

I’m planning to use an old i5 (4670 maybe?) with 8Gb of ram as my NVR, and possibly move my OpenHab2 installation from my RPi to that machine as well.

So, what software and cameras offer reasonable functionality, stability, price and security?

Is Zoneminder the way to go? Can I access the (live and recorded) video remote in a secure way?
(I would say that network security is my biggest fear, since I know almost nothing about it, other than it’s important…)

Any tips on reasonably priced, PoE powered, secure, high quality outdoor cameras to match a software candidate? Just any ONVIF camera with good reviews?


Hi, I have zoneminder running at work for like 3-4 years now and i have to say it’s very stable, but it takes a wile to setup correctly (motion detection and other options)

BUT if i would buy this for my home i would use a dedicated DVR with A-HD/HDCVI cameras, they are way cheaper then ip cameras and if you already have them in the same location (like your house) it’s easy to get all the wires to one point (DVR), also i would look for a DVR on which i can access the jpeg/mjpeg stream directly.

If price it’s no factor then you could get some IP cameras, i would recommend a dedicated NVR since it’s hassle free in setting it up (compared to zoneminder), again look for one on you could access jpeg/mjpeg streams, if the nvr cannot do it at least you could access the streams from the ip cameras directly.

If still you want to run a pc zoneminder it’s a nice option, that i5 wold run ok with zoneminder it depends on camera rezolution how much cpu will it use. (it’s a cpu hog :smiley: )

For me the use of IP cameras it’s good when you have multiple physical locations each with 1-2 cameras… it’s easy to record them all in a central point using a NVR.

This is just my opinion.

See the cameras which work best in this binding: