Switch between localaccess and remoteaccess


Does HABpanel detect automatically when a User is on the local network and switch to it ?

Also switch back to internet for Remoteaccess, when local network is not available.


Did I miss something, where would you insert a Remote URL to setup HABPanel for such a remote access?

It doesn’t exist, HABPanel is not meant for remote access - yet.
Also please DO NOT expose it unsecured on the internet (the same thing applies to openHAB as a whole to be honest).

Is remote access possible by now?

No, not yet

only by using something like nginx

I found the HABpanel can be access putting the link on sitemap. On android phone I can access it remotely.
I used the myopenhab.org link https://home.myopenhab.org/habpanel/index.html.