Switch for a group of heating thermostat, so switch between the modes


i have a few heating thermostat, and added them to my openhab configuration.

For each of the items I can activate the Komfort Mode or the Auto Mode. If I do that, the switch work as a button. Short activaten and the auto deactivation of the button.

Now I want do create a button to activate all heating thermostat with one button. But when I add a button to the items the switches of all heating thermostat hold the state active. I have current no idea to solve this. Have anyone current implement this usecase?

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I’m not sure what that means?

I think I would make a “master” switch Item, and put it on the sitemap. Put all the individual controls in a Group. Add a rule that triggers from the master command, and passes the command to the group.

When I trigger the mode on one single heating thermostat, I press the button an the active state goes fast to deactivate. If I trigger this with an separate switch, the state will stays in active.

Why does that happen? This is difficult without seeing your Item and sitemap definitions.

If you want a master switch Item to act like a pushbutton, the easy way is to use the expire binding to update it back some ‘resting’ value.

I try it with this rule:

rule "Test1"
    Item Heizung_Konfort_Modus changed from OFF to ON

rule "Test2"
    Item Heizung_Auto_Modus changed from OFF to ON

Items are for example:

Switch hmHeizung_EG_WOHNZIMMER_TUER_AUTO_MODE            "Auto Modus"            <heating>    (GF_Livingroom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:OEQ1661702:PEQ1191561:4#AUTO_MODE"}
Number hmHeizung_EG_WOHNZIMMER_TUER_MANU_MODE            "Manuell Modus"         <heating>    (GF_Livingroom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:OEQ1661702:PEQ1191561:4#MANU_MODE"}
Switch hmHeizung_EG_WOHNZIMMER_TUER_COMFORT_MODUS        "Komfort Modus"         <heating>    (GF_Livingroom) {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:OEQ1661702:PEQ1191561:4#COMFORT_MODE"}

/* Virtuelle Schalter */
Switch Heizung_Auto_Modus "Aktiviere Heizung im Automodus" {autoupdate="true"}
Switch Heizung_Konfort_Modus "Aktiviere Heizung im Komfortmodus" {autoupdate="false"}

Okay, with autoupdate="false" and no other binding on Item Heizung_Konfort_Modus , sending it a command will never change its state. Your rule will not trigger. Your UI display will quickly revert to whatever it was before the switch action.
That’s all working as designed.

You could trigger the rule by using
Item Heizung_Konfort_Modus received command ON

It’s not really clear what you want the UI to do though. Would you like the UI to show ON until something else happens, or to show ON for some short time only, or?