Switch from fhem to openhab with hm-lan


i will switch from fhem to openhab. I use the hm-lan adapter from homematic with some heater-actors.
I get these error from "homegear.err"
01/03/18 10:15:23.289 Module HomeMatic BidCoS: LAN-Konfigurationsadapter “HMLAN1”: Error: Error communicating with HM-CFG-LAN. AES is enabled but no IV was send from HM-CFG-LAN. Please use the HomeMatic LAN Interface Configurator to re-enable AES.

1.) Do i need a rfkey ? (i use only the lan Interface from openhab to the hm-lan adapter).
2.) Where / how should i activate / start the “BiCoS” Service (i have no Windows PC running, only Linux)


has no one an idea?