Switch from Homematic to Danfoss Living Connect?

Hi all

I have one Homematic thermostat (HM-CC-RT-DN) running, with two major problems:

  1. The theromstat is too big, so the cover on the wall doesn’t fit anymore and I would need to build something. And I’m not good with that :wink:
  2. It’s installed in the bedroom and it makes to much noise when regulating. So at the moment, I switch it to 19° during the night and only have it regulate the temperature during the day.

I now came across the Danfoss living connect. I have to check again, but I think this could solve problem 1.
I don’t have any Z-Wave components yet, so I’m looking for any opinions on the Danfoss Living Connect. Is it is as loud as the Homematic ? Is it worth buying a USB Z-Wave dongle ?
Good thing with the Homematic: it’s now directly paired with a Homematic temperature sensor, as the internal sensor is inaccurate. In the new scenario, I would have to create rules in OpenHAB to adjust the thermostat settings. Not sure if it’s worth the effort / money.

Thanks for any insight

Sorry I can’t share experiences for the Danfoss thermostat, other than I, too, considered it and it looked to me pretty big, So you really should be sure it fits to solve your problem #1.

I’m using the MAX! series, which is essentially the same as Homematic (same vendor), just the enclosure is shaped a little bit different.
Yes, they’re rather noisy (but to be fair, you may not directly compare them to manually operated ones).
And not sure about Homematic, but at least the MAX! devices don’t move that often.
BUT the biggest point is, I blieve you you will get used to that ‘noise’ pretty soon.
(I, too, easily wakeup from noise, but it does not happen because of thermostats moving).

Now to get zwave is a good idea, especially if you have home automation plans beyond thermostats, but just for the sake
of replacing a single thermostat, I wouldn’t change.
If you’re really keen on it, I suggest you simply order one, try it, and return it if “no” (and please let this forum know the outcome).
But if you plan on equipping a house with many thermostats (I have 13 of those …), cost is definitely an issue.
MAX! are only half the price of the Danfoss zwave devices.


Hi Markus

Thanks for your comments. Will definitely check the measurements of the Danfoss first, in my particular case it really might work better than Homematic and the MAX!.
It’s definitely too noisy to have it regulate at night. I already checked and it woke us up several times the few nights I had it on “autopilot”. One night, it even started going up and down in intervals of 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for the hint, the Danfoss really cost twice as much. I would only need 2-3 so if it works better, I will consider it.

Hope someone can share hands-on experience with the Danfoss. Especially if it’s possible to pair them to other devices through openhab.


I checked the size, the Danfos Living Connect would fit perfectly in the cover.

But, I also checked the available Z-Wave commands and they are very limited:

Looks like I can just get/set the heating setpoint. But I can’t “feed” the current temperature :frowning:
Our thermostats are near the floor and we’ve got floor heating. So using the internal thermometer is very unrealiabe.

Would like to post a quick update on this topic. I ended up ordering one of the Danfoss Living Connect as there was a sale. I did NOT buy a Z-Wave dongle yet, because like I’ve written above, I wouldn’t be able to feed it the current temperature and mainly bought it to test it for noise and size.

Two things are great:

  • It is smaller than the Homematic and actually fits perfectly in our cover.
  • It is MUCH less noisy and changes the valve very quickly compared to the Homematic. So I can definitely see this on in our bedroom, really impressed on the difference here.

The limited datapoints is a killer for me so I won’t switch to Z-Wave for these thermostats. I can’t feed it the current temperature as measured from a seperate device (i.e. on a cupboard). Also, I can’t read the current valve state. With the homematic thermostats, I can always see if the thermostat is on 50 or 60%, which is important when optmizing the settings. With the Danfoss, I have to idea what it’s doing. Is it fully open? Fully closed ?

Hello All

I am currently runnin a couple of danfoss termostats, my main problem with them is the fact that you can not tell what they are doing. They have a “smart” window open sensing capability, that means they turn off when a large temperature drop is sensed, but if you leave the window open for too long that temperature is just the room temperature and the thermostat will try to compensate by going to 100%.

This would not be a problem had it been possible to set the spindle position manually, or at least get it as a feedback, but this is not possible. So the “intelligence” becomes a hindrance instead of a help.

It also sort of irks me that there are no less than 2 temperature sensors in a thermostat, but you can not acces even one of them. And they are expensive.

I am considering to move all my stuff to homematic/MAX, it is cheaper and is less “intelligent” allowing me to add the features that I want.

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Absolutely, that’s my main problem as well. With the homematic thermostats, I can at least know the current valve setting and see what the thing is actually doing. It’s also not possible to set the valve to a specific setting though, which would be nice.
Have no experience with the Max theromstats.

If it wasn’t for the size and noise, I’d definitely go with the homematic theromstats.