Switch from OH2 Offline to Online

Hi All,

I’ve got OpenHab2 Beta4 Offline distro running very stable, but the rate of development is so quick for things like HabPanel and Amazon Dash support I’d like to be able to update regularly.

What’s my best approach? Shall I uninstall the Offline Distro and grab the latest snapshot, or is there a better way? I know the folder structure changed recently so have a feeling starting over (keeping items,sitemaps and rules) is going to be the most painless way.

Thanks in advance

See http://docs.openhab.org/installation/index.html#setup-variants for instructions to use nightly builds.

If you are using debian, you would have to change /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab2.list to refer to snapshots instead of stable (beta) version.
In theory, changing openhab2.list should suffice for changing to nightly, however, maybe apt will fail to spot the new version, so it would be more safe to backup configurations and user data, purge installation, then change openhab2.list, do an apt update, reinstall with apt install openhab2-offline, what is now the nightly build. Finally, restore user data and configurations.

Please be aware that both online and offline versions are available in stable and snapshot branch, as online/offline is another way to get the parts needed by openHAB2 (according to e.g. installation of Acrobat Reader Offline [big file, no internet needed, only available through 3rd party cd-rom] - and Acrobat Reader Online [small file, will download all other stuff through installation process])

EDIT: I found most of the answers in the following thread migration-from-oh-1-x-to-oh-2-tutorial. The only remaining question is how to update a specific binding without doing a full apt-get upgrade.

I have questions touching this subject.

I’m using the offline setup with nightly builds. Recently the exec 2.0 binding was released (and yesterday also updated) and now I would like to update this binding to the latest snapshot. Can I update only the specific binding or would I have to do a apt-update/upgrade of the entire setup?

Also if someone could shed some light on another topic. How can i specify in the addons.cfg that I would like a specific version of a binding? Now I just enter “exec” but as I have enabled also 1.x bindings in the paper UI I actually have three versions to choose from in the paper UI GUI (2.0, 1.x and 1,8 [not sure if it says 1.8 at this time but they are three versions visible in the GUI] ).

Also which method takes precedence when managing extensions/bundles/bindings and what method should I choose?
I can choose to either install from the paper UI, the addons.cfg or by doing “bundle:install” in the CLI.

Sorry for possibly hijacking this thread!