Switch from raspberry pi 2 to raspberry pi 3

I’ve recently set up openHAB 2 on my raspberry pi 3 using a z-wave.me board. All working very nicely. Then I looked in my electronics box and found an unused Raspberry Pi 3. I was thinking of switching from the 2 to the 3 and then using the 2 as a backup, even adding an additional z-wave board. I need a system that is very easy to backup in case of failure due to the amount of stuff in the house that it runs. So my question is can I associate a z-wave device with multiple z-wave.me boards and rapberry pi. Only one will be running at a time of course. What files do I need to make sure are duplicated on both systems. Are there likely to be any file incompatibilities between the pi 3 and pi 2?

No you cannot.
Use Z-Way software to backup your controller every now and then (you need to shutdown OH for that), then when your Raspi fails, move the zwave.me RaZberry board to a replacement RPi. If it’s the board to fail, insert your replacement board and use Z-Way to restore its config.

Ok. Thanks for the info. I’ll look into how to do that.
Maybe the best would be a total backup of hardware. Then I can use the zwave.me to transfer the zwave info over and an openHAB backup to transfer everything else.
A way for openHAB to use zwave.me for the backup without having to stop openHAB would be the ideal solution of course.
Can I restore an openhabian-config backup from a pi 2 to a pi 3 at least or are they not compatible ?

No that doesn’t exist.

Yes. Use openhab-cli backup / restore

Thanks Markus
I started to use that it and came up with this long list of other things I should backup which is why I asked the questions.
Sounds like a wet weekend project to get the backup setup and easy to maintain :slight_smile:


what long list ?
Mind the hints in How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You .

To backup/restore OH config, use openhab-cli.
To backup your RPi best use Amanda (contained in openHABian).
Backing up gateways and controllers (if those contain config) always requires vendor-specific tools.

Hi Marcus
I got the list from the openHAB config , Backup/Restore and then the documentation section for the Amanda backup. A daunting list !

I’ll want to backup the the z-wave devices with their associated names so that the rules still work, the z-wave.me settings, the persistence database (I’m using Influxdb to store details of the heating system performance), the RFXCom X10 devices and if I can get it to work the devices coupled to the PLCBus interface. And I need this to be done in a way that I don’t have to go into the settings for the various port addresses etc. It needs to be able to be hot swapped by my wife if neccessary such that she can just unplug one Raspberry Pi, plug the other in and it all start working again at least until I get home from a trip away.
I’m using Items, persistence and rules files by the way rather than the GUI in the hope of making this all rather easier to backup.
Thanks for the help

Good to see you have thought about backup hardware and not just a software backup. I use two Odroid C2 and found the only issue moving the card between them is the openhab cloud needs to be setup due to the two hash files not working if copied. I don’t use zwave, so that may have its own issues as you mentioned but if using the cloud myopenhab.org it will also need attention should you need to move hardware. Guessing it is tied to the hardware with a hash of some
Kind, have not looked into it yet…

Another quick question on the topic. If I switch from the pi2 to the pi3 can I just switch the z-wave.me board across without backing it up ? In other words does the board remember all the z-wave devices itself and then openHAB picks them up from the board or are the z-wave devices stored in openHAB files only ?
Thanks again