Switch Item background Color - change the blue and red

Hi, is it possible to change the default colors for switch buttons from blue and red? I’ve tried both labelcolor and valuecolor using the following

Switch item=locMeHome mappings=[OFF=“Away”, ON=“Home”] valuecolor=[locMeHome==ON=“green”, locMeHome==OFF=“gray”]

the item state is changed by mqttitude/owntracks and that works (when owntracks transition events are reliable, thats another story…) and the button colors blue/red change accordingly with the state, that all works, but I can’t change the colors. Labelcolor works, and changes the text of ALL strings in the switch item to green/gray, but valuecolor seems to do nothing. Have I misunderstood the function of valuecolor for the switch item, or am I doing something wrong?


No. Not unless you change the underlying sitemap code or implement a grease monkey script or the like. valuecolor only changes the color of the text inside the [ ] in your label definition, not the color of the buttons, icons, or anything else.