Switch Item issue in App vs. WebGUI

i have an item in my sitemap that looks as it should (in the WebGUI - ClassicUI).
However - in the iOS app it looks different and i’m not sure if this is intended or if i did foget to configure something in order to make iOS app look the same/similar.

The thing is that the iOS app handles these two independent buttons as a slider, which means if its CLOSE position i cannot press CLOSED, except i open the door and close it back again. in WebGUI its easy. simply two buttons which can be pressed independently.
Side-question: any idea how i could get rid of the label of state (ON/OFF) next to the two buttons?

Thanks a lot Norbert

Here’s the sitemap entry:
Switch item=LockON label="NG5 Lock" mappings=[ON="Close", OFF="Open"]

The WebGU - Classic UI (Openhab 2.5.12)

And here comes the way how latest iOS app looks like for this item:

I suspect that the iOS app uses BasicUI instead of ClassicUI to guide how it works and renders sitemaps. ClassicUI was deprecated in OH 2 and completely gone in OH 3.

I can’t comment on the behavior except to say that you really want one button to toggle a switch. To handle that I’ve used two entries in the sitemap with a single mappings each, one for Open and one for Close. Then use visibility to only show Close when the switch is ON and only show Open when the switch is Off.

Try it in BasicUI to see what the behavior is. If it works differently than it does in the app, file an issue on the phone app. They should work the same. But your basis needs to be BasicUI, not ClassicUI.

Set the label to not show the state.

label="NG5 Lock []"

“Jesus” - i’m old school. another field where i need to transform soon…
Recently i tried to find it, but did miss a somehow summary of what changes in OH3 in terms of making a checklist in my head of what pitfalls i will have to still go through…

In BasicUI it looks more fancy but behaves the same as in ClassicUI, so it seems like an App-fault. Will get in touch with them.


@Label…thanks a lot!

btw. will organize an Anrdoid phone to see how they handled the same item. From my previous experience Android and Apple app have several differences in terms of presentation…