Switch item with mapping is too big to fit on the screen

I have recently added a switch that has the following mappings “off”, “cold”, “cool” , “warm” , “hot”. I use these to control my AC temperature.
The sitemaps looks great on the laptop and mini ipad but on my samsung S5 it is awful.
The buttons are just too big as if they ignore the screen resolution.
The text overlays the buttons and some of the buttons are off the screen with no scrolling available.
Is there a way to modify these buttons or at least make them go on another row when the screen doesn’t fit? have this been discussed before ?

It has been discussed. There may even be an open issue for it.

But there is no progress as far as I know.

You might have better luck with a Selection rather than a Switch with Mappings.

Is it possible to reduce the problem by removing [label=""] and [icon=""] ?
In my situation that would help a lot. Unfortunatelly icon is siting on first button and label name is visible partly under first and second buttons.
I did try to remove label but then we see item_name
I was not able to remove icon.

At least with the android app,


worked as expected. Same for chrome.

Thank you job. That is exactly what I did in the end + blank icon.

Just added a screenshot to the issue to help getting it resolved: #156