Switch on Tradfri bulb with rule


I try to switch on my TRADFRI colour bulb with a rule like this and I tried different samples but it dos´t work. Error Message is: Wohnz_Lampe_ColorLight predicted to become 0,0,0

rule "Tradfri Wohnzimmer EIN"
		//Item Steckd_EG_Wohnz_1 received command ON
		Item test_switsch3 received command ON

		val HSBType red = new HSBType(new DecimalType(329),new PercentType(100),new PercentType(70))
  		//Wohnz_Lampe_ColorLight.sendCommand(new HSBType("329,100,70"))
		//Wohnz_Lampe_ColorLight.sendCommand(new HSBType(new DecimalType(329), new PercentType(100), new PercentType(70)))


2019-09-26 22:48:15.879 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'test_switsch3' received command ON

2019-09-26 22:48:15.909 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - test_switsch3 changed from OFF to ON

2019-09-26 22:48:15.948 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Wohnz_Lampe_ColorLight' received command 329,100,100

2019-09-26 22:48:15.961 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Wohnz_Lampe_ColorLight predicted to become 0,0,0

Not sure you are giving enough information here…
What you list as error, is actually just a prediction of OH2; what is missing in your description are details to your set-up (How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You) and equally importantly the real-life behavior of your bulb…what is actually happening? Does it change color? Does it go out? Others? Did you try other commands, e.g., does it work if you rule is switching the bulb on and off rather than try to change color? RGB lights can be tricky, did you check the docs and try to use any encoding other than HSB?

Which bridge do you use? Which firmware has the color lamp? Which openhab version? Which binding version?