Switch tied to rule works correctly in debug mode but gets stuck when using autoboot

Hi guys,

So i have a rule going to control multiple dimmers using one virtual switch. The rub here is that the rule works flawlessly when running openhab in debug mode (start_debug.sh). However I normally have Openhab autoboot and thats where the issue comes in. If OH is running off autostart script then the switch will turn on and the dimmers are turned on effectively. However that master switch gets turned back off immediately. It is like there is no persistence for the switch when running OpenHab off of the autoboot script.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if you need further details and thanks again…

When openHAB starts, all items are uninitialized, so this could cause strange effects. But obviously an openHAB in debug mode would have uninitialized items, too. Maybe there is something in your rule causing problems, so feel free to post the rule (plus items and persistence, if there is any) :slight_smile: