Switch with mapping - hide current value?

I’m currently putting together my sitemap and have a question regarding the display of a switch with mapping information.

I have some thermostats which I’d like to present a switch for on the sitemap, with a few buttons to pick the current operating mode - this seems to work fine, but to the left of the selector buttons I see text stating the currently set value.
Given the current mode can already been seen by looking at which button is highlighted on the selector, this seems a bit odd…

Here is what I mean;

Is there any way to stop the switch from displaying the text next to the buttons ?


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You may need to add [] to your label. If you post here the Item and sitemap definition for it, we can show exactly how to do it on your case.


Spot on, I changed the label for that item to; label="Mode[]"
Now it looks perfect :slight_smile:
Many thanks

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