["Switchable"] Items no longer found at Amazon Echodot after update to openhab 2.4

I updated on openhab2.4 yesterday.
My Amazon Echodot then had errors with access to all lamps and switches that were created.
Then I turned on the pairing mode in the Hue emulation to search the devices again.
However, only the lamps with [“Lighting”] are found.
The switches that worked with [“Switchable”] are no longer found.
But this is set in the Hue emulation.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to fix this?

This issue has been discussed several times on the forum and you can also find an issue on github.

If I’m not mistaken the workaround is to use the [ “Lighting” ] tag even for switches.

After I posted this, I also saw the same post with the same question. Unfortunately,
Tthe search did not bring any success.
If I change the items in [“Ligthing”], they are found, but the [“Switchable”] items are triggered variables.
For example, connected my Panasonic TV and I can not say anymore “Alexa TV off”, I always have to say “Alexa TV on” so they goes on or off.

In the Alexa app you can create a routines and use whatever voice command you like for controlling the TV on/off. Not the best solution but it will work till the issue can be resolved.

Yes, I can make it with routines, but “Alexa TV off on” or “Alexa TV on on” is unfortunately not the hit…

I do not understand the issue here right now. If switchables are exposed as lightings then this is exactly the behaviour of the hue emulation in 2.3.

Switchable items are no longer found, only lighting …
I have now changed all switches with [“Lighting”] and then they are found again.
The problem with my Panasonic TV is that it turns on and off via a toggle command and now I always have to say “Alexa, TV on” that it goes on and off.

And the toggle function was possible with the hue emulation 2.3? Because all items where exposed as dimmable lights before I have changed the code. There is really no difference.

And you don’t need to change your item tags. You can configure the hue emulation instead to use switchable tags for dimmable lights.

I have the similar problem. Changed my switch items to “Lightning” and they are found again.
But they do not work as they did in 2.3.

E.G. Kitchen Light.

If i turn the light off using the regular switch alexa still thinks the light is on. ( Checked via alexa app. )
If i then try to turn in on with alexa nothing happens, because alexa doesnt even sent this
command to openhab. No Log entry.

If i start my 2.3. setup with the “switchable tag” it works fine.

Ah ok, now I understand. Yeah right now the hue emulation only posts updates and not “the same state” again. This is planned to be changed.

Thank you a lot for this Information. For now i migrated my switches to the openhab cloud, even
i dont like to use more external services then absolutly needed.
I will keep an eye on this topic. If you need something to try, just let me know.

This behaviour is hard to workaround for remote controlled devices like tv’s where you can’t get any state, and only “fire” the command (exp. devices controlled with the harmony hub via ir) … if you turn on with alexa and turn off with the ir remote, you could not turn on again with alexa because the state isn’t changed and hue emulation didn’t post updates …
Yes, a change of this behaviour ist very welcome…

I just downgraded to 2.3 stable again and restored a backup. I have the same issue that sometimes actions are not received as the hue emulation only posts updates.

When I say to alexa “Turn off House” … it usually turns off a fake switch in openhab “house” which triggers a rule. Even when in certain scenarios house is off, it still triggers the rule. With the 2.4 version it didn’t.

that would be great. This also broke my setup, because on some occasions a switch, which is “off” should to some action if another “off” is received. In 2.3 it worked perfectly.
Thanks for the infomation though, now I know why 2.4 broke it.

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i have a Problem with this Solution.

Because i’m using these tags for hue emulation and homekit.

But in Homekit if i set the tag to Lighting and not to Switchable homekit is giving me the color options etc.

is it planned to bring back the Switchable tag ?

Because there is an Config Option for it

Then use that config option?!