Switching between Packages


i just installed openHAB2 image on my RaspberryPi 3.
After first boot it selected “Demo Package (Sample Setup)”.
How should i proceed if i would like to remove all demo data and start over with “Standard Package (Recommended Setup)”

I also have a problem with modifying Things like Yahoo weather in web browser Paper UI. When i try to change the location (WOEID, now in Berlin) to Sulkava Finland WOEID: 573421. It says “Things updated” and "ERROR: 403 - Conflict"
Same thing if i try to change Astro sun data Longitude and Latitude.

I did not try this myself yet. It should work as described here:

  • Stop the openHAB service: sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service
  • Remove the addons selection file mv /var/lib/openhab/etc/org.openhab.addons.cfg /tmp/
  • Start the openHAB service: sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

Please report back!

Hi, i did the above commands and opened my web browser everything is the same.
I tried also to reboot. It does not ask me for a package to start with.
It shows me Welcome to openHAB 2 and i got to choose between Basic UI, Paper UI…
There is no new /var/lib/openhab/etc/org.openhab.addons.cfg file and the file moved to tmp is gone.
Should i just flash my sd-card and start from scratch? I was just curious to know if there would be a simple way to start over without flashing etc.

I’ve honestly never tried to reset an openHAB setup. You could always apt purge and apt install just like with every other Linux software. /tmp is emptied on reboot, I didn’t think you’d do that :see_no_evil:

You can of course just start anew. I suppose you are using openHABian?

Just when i hit enter “sudo reboot” i was like "oops there goes my tmp now :fearful:"
Well i just start from scratch and yes i’m using openHABian.

Good luck!

hi did you succeed on changing it ??