Switching from innogy SmartHome binding to new LIVISI SmartHome binding

As most of you already know, Livisi (formerly innogy/RWE) published the new “local SmartHome” functionality that enables the local connection of OpenHab to the central unit (SHC) of LSH.

I assume that Livisi will soon retire the access to the cloud API that is used by the “old” innogy SmartHome binding, so that you will have to switch to the new LIVISI SmartHome binding that is available since OpenHab 3.3 (see LIVISI SmartHome - Bindings | openHAB).
In order to switch to the new binding, some prerequisites have to be met:

  • Your instance must run with OH 3.3 or higher
  • Your Livisi SHC is updated to 1.914-3.1.1043.0 (Classic) respective 8.16/8.17 (2nd gen) or newer
  • Local SH is activated and set up. There is a guide by Livisi available: How to enable Local SmartHome?

If you have a file-based setup, the migration to the new binding is simple:

  • Install new binding via UI or by adding livisismarthome to the binding= line of the addons.cfg
  • Change bridge entry of .things file from Bridge innogysmarthome:bridge:SHCONTROLLER01 [ refreshtoken="..." ] to Bridge livisismarthome:bridge:SHCONTROLLER01 [ host="192.168.178.yy", password="password", webSocketIdleTimeout=900] (binding name changed and new parameters)
  • Things of .things file can remain as is
  • Change channel info of .items file from {channel="innogysmarthome:..."} to {channel="livisismarthome:..."}
  • Some channels have been renamed and need to be adjusted accordingly. As example battery_low changed to batteryLow or motion_count to motionCount. If there is a “_” in the old channel, its likely been renamed.

After all is done, you are done with the switch to the new binding. Thanks to the developers (AFAIK its @oliver_kuhl, @RalphSester and Sven) of both bindings - you did a great job :two_hearts:


Thanks for explaining this. However I already did the migration last week and can confirm the steps you described here worked fine for me.

Did you try to deny the cloud connection and will all local things still work forever?

Hi Ollie,

thank you for all the years you maintained the innogy binding :wink:

I did not try to block the SHC from the internet as Livisi currently doesn’t recommend to do so:


from the Livisi local SH FAQ

But the response times are much better on the local connection and as I also have sometimes Internet cuts at the vacation home, the connection should remain available.

Thank you so much for that binding and the possibility to use the Devices after the Livisi Server shutdown!

I have a question, or better a “wish”…
Is it possible to integrate the SIR (Innensirene) in this binding?

As mentioned in Innogy Binding OH 3 - Thermostat set Temperature does not work 2 there are some issues with the thermostat. It is possible to receive the current setTemperature but it is no more possible to set the temperature the way we did with the old binding. Now you need to send a string to the targetTemperature channel of a thermostat.
I just want to let you know. I struggled some hours with this issue…