Switching on a device through Aeotec ZW130 Wallmote Quad

I’m sure I’m missing here something very simple and basic but this is the situation:

On a OH 2.3 setup I’m trying to switch On and Off a light switch using the association group of an Aeotec ZW130 Quad WallMote and I can’t get it to work.

The light switch is a NeoCoolcam EU-1 Z-Wave switch. It is working perfectly well and I can control it with OH without any problems.

Basically I want to use the WallMote in tandem with the EU-1 switch as a 2-way switch setup to control a single light.

I added the WallMote as a thing and I can see it in the paper UI and HABmin. It is recognized and the buttons light up and vibrates when I press them so I assume that it works correctly.

I didn’t link any channels or created any items for the WallMote because I wanted to use associations.

What I did was set up the WallMote Association group 1 (Lifeline) to the OH controller and association group 2 to the EU-1 switch. I was under the impression that this will enable the WallMote to send an On/Off command to the EU-1 switch directly. The problem is that it doesn’t work and the light doesn’t switch on or off at all.

Anyone has an idea what I’m doing wrong or have a different trick to emulate a 2-way switch using rules and two Z-Wave wall switches?


I have this device and just use rules based on the state changes:

	Item m_quad_scene received update
	if (m_quad_scene.state == 1.0) {

The post update is just to avoid issues with the wife when she presses the same button multiple times.

We tried to sort this out a while ago with no luck. See here. I was not able to get it to work using associations. At this point, a rule is the way to go as @anonymous.one points out above.

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Hi Mark

did you email Aeotec? This seems like the most basic of functionality that should work out of the box.

As I commented in the other thread that mhilbush links to it works for me when controlling a dimmer in direct association mode, but now to controll an on/off swich. The dimmer can be turned on and off (click) and dimmed up and down (Click+hold). on/off switches do not react to any command.

I didn’t. I typically do everything through openHAB rules.

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Is this an OH2 or Aeotec issue? Seems like an Aeotec right? I’m happy to drive it with Aeotec Support