Sylvania Smart+ CCT Deconz

Long time Lurker, First Time installer and implementer.

Got my Zigbee Conbee II Deconz connected. Thanks Dresden Elektronik deCONZ - Bindings | openHAB
Light bulbs showed up in my inbox, cool, all added (Sylvania Smart+ Tunable white)(CCT/no color)
/Ledvance /what ever else they call themselves
I can control dimming, that’s cool
Color Temperature though :confused:

Current binding with the bulbs has their description as colorlight

(From deCONZ Binding documentation)
Device type | Resource Type | Thing type
Color Light (w/o temperature) | Color dimmable light | colorlight
Color Temperature | Light Color temperature light | colortemperaturelight

I am assuming this binding is wrong as I see “colortemperaturelight” available and currently don’t have a channel available for setting color temperature on the bulbs.

Can I add channels somehow? Edit the Type? Is the binding inherently wrong and I need to learn how to change bindings around?

I have been using these bulbs and with their color temperature on the default deconz app for about a year now.

The things were added from the INBOX as colorlight but in reality they are not color lights but color temperature lights? Sounds like a bug, but I’m not sure if that is in deconz or in the binding.

If you go to https://<phoscon host>/api/<apikey>/lights/<id> (e.g. if the light has the id 2) you’ll see a JSON representing the light. Please post that. Thanks.

“ctmax”: 370,
“ctmin”: 153,
“etag”: “62a48e100cf7430273a0c6bffb58cf55”,
“hascolor”: true,
“manufacturername”: “LEDVANCE”,
“modelid”: “A19 TW 10 year”,
“name”: “Short Lamp”,
“state”: {
“alert”: “none”,
“bri”: 254,
“colormode”: “ct”,
“ct”: 370,
“on”: true,
“reachable”: true
“swversion”: “00102100”,
“type”: “Color dimmable light”,
“uniqueid”: “f0:d1:b8:00:00:03:32:7b-01”

Siht, This should be at least Extended color light Haven’t found a way to change it. I have
googled about

Looks like a bug in deconz, not in the binding. Can you report that on the deconz forum/GitHub issue tracker?

Can do! I got a few of these bulbs. It will be great to get their full potential. Thanks for the help!

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