Symbol lookup error after zwave configuration


after setup the zwave stick in openhab 2 build 694 my openhab crashed with the following error:

/usr/bin/java: symbol lookup error: /root/openHAB2/userdata/tmp/libNRJavaSerial_HF_root_0/ undefined symbol: __fdelt_chk

What I did:

install openhab default (just unzip)
start it (
select basic ui (expert ui with same problem)
install zwave addon / binding
add thing and configure the correct device ( /dev/ACM0 )
get error -1 when press save/add
see error on shell, openhab process died

Before I run openhab 1.8.2 with and org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.8.2.jar on the same raspberry with zwave and no problems.

I use a Z-Wave ZME_UZB1 Stick


Update: When I use openhab2 beta 5 instead of current snapshot it works fine. There must some change in the serial part after beta 5.