Symfonisk (Sonos) Speaker. Not all Stereo Pairs found -> Not playing

I have a couple of Sonos speakers (Ikea symfonisk). All are paired to stereo pairs. One pair is in my living room , another in my bathroom. The pair in the living room is discovered as stereo pair but the pair in my bathroom not. Can someone explain this behaviour?
I can also add the pair in my living room, add a radio channel to a thing and it is playing. The pair from my bathroom is discovered as two speakers. No matter what speaker I add from the bathroom I can not play anything on them. I also deleted the openhab cache but it still does not work.
can someone help me out? (I don’t want to configure it by config files)

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Yeah I was wondoering about this to. My one stereo pair is not even discovered as stereo paired.

Support of paired speakers was not fully “reverse engineered” and is not yet implemented in the binding.
PS: I own myself no devices that I can pair.

I have solved it by simply only add one speaker to the model. It works so far, without issues. My SONOS Beam v2 however, that is a tough nut to crack.