Sync openhab and xbmc volume

As many others i’m using passthrough audio from kodi.
Is there a possibility to link kodi volume control to receiver binding. So when the volume is set to 20% in kodi it will be translated via openhab to receiver 20%.

Any hints on the scriptr or rule which can do it?


Can I ask what would be the reason for doing so?

Wouldn’t that lower both Kodi and your receiver volume at the same time? With Kodi pushing out 20% volume then your amp would be outputting 20% of 20%?

Or am I confused?

What are you trying to achieve?

Nice idea, but not sure if would be possible since if you try to set the volume in Kodi, with audio pass thru, doesn’t the Kodi UI slow an error and do nothing?

That’s exactly what is needed. The reason is quite simple. When the passthrough is enabled there is no control over volume from kodi. And usually that’s the remote you have in hand at this time (android client). So to switch the volume i have to switch to openhab control app

I see. If it helps I can confirm that generally when adjusting the Kodi volume direct through Kodi, does update the Kodi volume slider in my sitemap as if synced.

Though as @ben_jones12 pointed out, this is not available with passthrough :frowning:

Perhaps mapping your Kodi and receiver controls into a custom sitemap and building a custom hybrid remote is a solution?

What platform is your Kodi running on?

It’s on windows 10.
Well i guess ill try to run it through the rule see if that works.

P.S. How do you control it? Which remote do you use in case of passthrough?

I have a Logitech Harmony Touch. Which I use with a Flirc dongle controlling Kodi on my Mac Mini.

When the remote is set up for the activity “Kodi” the volume buttons are mapped to the receiver.

The Flirc can be used with to allow control with any ir remote.

The concept of using apps as remote is a nice one until you actually try to use it. Unlocking your phone, finding the right app, loading the app, waiting for connection all before you can adjust the volume is not much fun.

I highly recommend the Harmony range, they are still infuriatingly awkward to configure, but once you hit the sweet spot :slight_smile: