Syncing Openhab gateway to another server?


I am in the next scenario:

  • A gateway is reading sensors at a remote home.
  • I need to read such values from time to time to analyze evolution over time (i.e. temperature along last two years).
  • From time to time gateway loses connectivity but I must still be able to analyze existing data.

I have designed in my mind:

  • A cloud server “like a completely new gateway”
  • The remote “gateway” syncs sensors reads whenever internet connection exists
  • When connection is lost, I still can read past values from the cloud. When connection is regained, non-uploaded data is re-synced to the cloud server.

In short. Is this possible? If so, how? I had though about some kind of rsyncing folders or daatabases but I am not familiar with openHAB and I am exploring the possibility of doing this. I was using Jeedom but it does not work like this and have not been able to replicate data from one gateway to the cloud.

Thanks in advance,

I suggest publishing your values to a cloud MQTT server, which you can then pull into your local openHAB server. Then you always have the latest data available to you.

I haven’t done this myself, but came across beeboote awhile ago and bookmarked it to take a look at in the future.