Synology + chroot + debian 8.1

I am confused about service control: `` is stating my system is based on systemd.


  sudo systemctl status openhab2.service

  # (Re-)Start openHAB (background service)
  sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service

give me an error: Running in chroot, ignoring request.

instead I have to use

sudo /etc/init.d/openhab2 status

Why is Debian 8.1. still using sysVinit?

Since openHAB has no influence over what system the os it is running on I’m not sure we will have much to offer for and answer. But i do know that often in constrained environments like chroots and containers a much more light weight system is used, if anything at all. For example, there isn’t any startup system in the Docker image.

Everyone needs to understand that incorrect use of Synology chroot software can brick your Synology. There are enough details to allow experienced Unix folks to get chroot working, but it is not easy. Here are some details of the issues.

I am sorry to say it does not work so well… typically try to uninstall that package may brick your DSM system completely. Because of some complaints I decided to stop package distribution.
OK, I set it back… but really consider it as unsupported

In DSM6.0 the Debian Chroot application needs some tweaks. You can not start the debian services from the application, but from the DSM task scheduler.

Uninstalling the DebianChroot app without stopping it first, and implicitly without umount-ing shared folders and files between that two environments,
i think it will remove folders and files used by the synology OS and Debian together.

Still needs conversion to DSM6, but there’s plenty of other issues for that…

The GUI of the chroot app is broken in DSM6. We would have to work around it at the moment. Services init information is stored in a SQLite database. Consult a SQLite FAQ on how to query, insert, update and delete rows of data in a table of such a database.

Thank you very much guys, great answers, great links.