Synology DiskStation

openHAB run on DiskStations from Synology.
Install packages for DSM are available here


The release note says “Only ARM CPU”. Is there a version for Intel CPU too?

Yes it runs on my 214play with Intel, too.
I use the Hofrichter spks.


@cniweb Thanks for answering my question at github.

@mashborn I have been trying to find a solution before purchasing a ds415+. I had looked at but only see OH1.5. Is there a 1.7.1 version somewhere? Thanks!

You can install the 1.5 then connect with sftp and replace the files with the 1.7.1 versions…
There are only 2 new start-sh-files for the synology.

Hi Michael, thanks for your response.

I don’t suppose you can specify the files that need to be updated? Is it just the and, as well as any bindings/actions for the new version?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

I don’t use it anymore on my synology - so I can’t take a look.
But if I remember there was another start_???.sh that you should not touch
Then it works

I’ve added a request over at SynoCommunity for openHAB to be included into their repository.
Hoping someone picks up on this request so we no longer have to go hunting for an installer package.
This would allow for a more user friendly installation process of openHAB onto Synology systems.


I got the 1.7.0 repository for DS415+
(Some small modifications were made by me)

If it is needed i can add a link.

That would be super! :smile:

Okay i am not at my computer right now but I will Attach a non modified
version this evening (mine is with different ports and so)

Mark Lavercombe schrieb am Sa., 15. Aug. 2015

Hi sptzdmnc,

wath modifications you made?


Here it is (the non modified version)

Tested with my Synagoge: DS 415+

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I see no difference between my and your implementation:

Can you help me?


Well, as i mentioned before, i added a few operations to the (But i will keep it private, since there are a few credentials inside)
-> linking picture and log dir to Synologys public/OpenHAB/ Folder
Furthermore: my SSL-Certificate is generated after installation is finished and HABMIN is unzipped to the Directory :smile:
My SSL Port is modified both in the package description and in the Openhab Parameter.

Thats all

For those needing to muck around with low-level Z-Wave details using Open ZWave Control Panel (ozwcp), there is a great Synology package for the Domoticz software that includes ozwcp and the necessary drivers. I’ve found it very handy to switch between running OpenHAB and ozwcp via Domoticz right on my NAS.

Install instructions for Domoticz are here. Once set up, I just use the Synology Package Manager to stop the OpenHAB service and start Domiticz to muck with Z-Wave device settings. When done, I switch back. Ozwcp seems to be much more reliable than using Habmin for changing configuration parameters on my devices.

Hi @All & @cniweb,

I ve a Syno DS213+ (Freescale QorIQ P1022 PPC) and I assume it will not work on my NAS. Right?

Are there any Packages for the DS213+ for the latest OpenHAB 1.7.x ??

Thanks and BR

Thanks for your spk.
I have installed and it seems to run, but I can’t find the configurations and addons folders to upload my config to.
I have looked in public\OpenHAB\configurations but it’s empty.
I copied my config from my current OH installation and restarted but it didn’t find the sitemap.
Any suggestions as to where I need to place the config files?
Thanks again!

I am having the same issues as marklavercombe. Thanks for your help !

It’s probably something very simple, but I can’t seem to find the right folder to put all the cfg stuff.
Any advice would be gratefully received! :smile: