Synology github

Dear developers,

I was wondering if there are any plans on updating the synology github to patch the bintray dependency. I was using openhab 2.5.2 on Synology (not capable of docker), and it took me quite a while to find out about the origin of malfunction. It would be really great if someone
can patch a working version for synology users. Thanks!


It looks like there was a workaround posted.

Ah great! Apologies for the clumsy RTFM mishap. Must be past bedtime then. I’ll look into this…


No apologies needed. I just searched to see if anyone had reported the issue.

I see it strange that Synology is in the repo & listed as an official OH installation but has seen no updates since 3.0, 5 months ago. There have been several 3.0.x releases since then but Synology has been ignored.
Perhaps @Kai can enlighten us as to why.

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