Synology ... lost!

I had issue with the docker install so I went with the package.

I created the share folder “SmartHome”, I can see the OpenHab files and folders.

I added my HueBridge for a starts, add some lights from the inbox (PeperUI) but not everything (I have a lots of hue devices…)

That done, I can’t see anything at all in the control panel, is this expected? I did look a few online tutorials, and they seems to found it in the control tab straight after been added.

Second issue I’m very lost with the sitemap,so I downloaded the demo one.
I added the demo.sitemap on the config file which is not the same path that the one on the documentation (I don’t have a “OPENHAB_CONF” folder"

It depends, have you Simple Mode enabled or not? Stuff only appears in the Control Tab of PaperUI if it has a Channel linked to an Item. Simple mode will automatically create Items for you and link to them to the Channels. When it is not enabled, you must create the Items yourself and link them to the Channels. I highly recommend not using Simple Mode.

Note that PaperUI is an administration UI. The Control Tab is very limited and is not intended to be used for general use. You will need to create a Sitemap or HABpanel at some point to be your user interface.

Most of those tutorials assume that Simple Mode is turned on. You can find the setting in Configuration > System.

Yes you do. But where it is depends on how you installed. See or for details.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes I managed with the simple mode and turned off again now, just wanted to double check that was actually working.

I must doing something wrong because, here is my directory (Seem to be the normal Linux architecture but without the “2” openhab2):

Didn’t found any sitemaps directory or item directory, I created one, added a demo.sitemap inside but still not detected.

Update : I didn’t noticed that a new user “OpenHab” and had read only access, that’s probably why.

OH has two primary “config” directories. There is that one under userdata. You are not to edit those files. They are maintained by openHAB itself. Under some rare circumstances you might edit files in userdata/etc.

There should be a conf folder at the same level as userdata. This folder will have subfolders like items, rules, sitemaps, etc.

I don’t know Synology but the /SmartHome/openhab/conf folder should have been created and populated with all of it’s subfolders