Synology NAS: Where to find openhab Log Viewer


a few weeks ago I played with openhab on my diskstation and saw openhab Log Viewer (frontail) for the first time (never saw that on my raspberry pi). Now I want to migrate from the pi to my NAS and can’t find the Log Viewer again… nothing on port 9001 after reinstallation of openab.

How can I install openhab Log Viewer on my Synology NAS? I think I don’t have a config tool to do that. Does it have any dependencies?
Really appreciate your help.

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Thanks, but I did not have to install it manually when I first tried openhab on the synology NAS

It is included in openhabian but not on other linux distro

Mmhh ok, maybe I got confused and mixed up my installations or I’m just going crazy… :wink:

I solved it by installing a docker container:

You have to mount the log directory into the docker image and specify the command line arguments of frontail:

  • mount “homes/openhab/userdata/logs” to “/logs” (adjust path to your installation; maybe you need to make this directory readable to others using chmod)
  • command line arguments: -n 500 /logs/events.log /logs/openhab.log



Thanks, works like a charm :+1: