Synology Surveillance Station & authentification

I’m running openHAB 3.3 on a synology diskstation (dsm 7) through a Docker install.
the Surveillance package is installed with 3 configured cameras.
I’ve installed the binding for the SurveillanceStation but can’t connect to the syno server.
I’ve configure the syno to accept only double factors authentication.
How could I make it working?
the current error message is:

06:47:02.473 [ERROR] [nternal.webapi.request.SynoApiRequest] - RESPONSE: {“error”:{“code”:105},“success”:false}
06:47:03.757 [ERROR] [nternal.webapi.request.SynoApiRequest] - RESPONSE: {“error”:{“code”:403,“errors”:{“token”:“eyJ0eXAiOi

Any idea or experience to share?