Synology USB in docker for Openhab and in Synology for UPS


I’m running Openhab on a Synology in Docker and using a USB serial port. All has been running fine for quite some time.

I now purchases a UPS (APC) to protect my NAS against power outage and the Synology recognizes the APC UPS immediately when plugging in the USB cable from the UPS.

However the moment the UPS USB cable is plugged in the Openhab container stops and I don’t manage to start it again.

I struggle making the USB ports (there are 4) available to both the Synology (to magane power down when the UPS runs low) and to the Openhab docker.

Has anyone running Openhab in docker on a synology NAS with USB port in combination with the Synology using the USB port (for UPS for example ?). If so how have you configured ?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t use the setup you are talking but something similar.
I use a synology Nas with a via usb connected apc ups.
Openhab is installed on a raspberry.

I don’t know what you want to achieve exactly, but if you want to get the ups status you can also get it via snmp binding.

I get the synology ups status via snmp into openhab. With this status you can react in different ways like start a rule, send a notification, run a script etc.

Maybe this helps you.


My question isn’t very clear apparently. I don’t want to read the ups status in openhab.

The ups is completely independent of openhab. The ups connection tells the synology NAS when battery runs low and the NAS needs to auto shutdown.

On the synology NAS I also haven openhab running in docker. My install was using one of the NAS USB ports. Getting a USB port available within docker requires some work (there are other articles on the community about that).

That works the USB port is active in docker and openhab uses it successfully UNTIL I connect the ups usb cable to one of the other USB ports.

It looks like synology “claims” the USB ports (because the NAS recognizes the ups) but it makes the openhab docker stop and no possibility to starting again. Until I unplug the ups again from the synology then the openhab docker works again with that usb device configured.

Looking for a way to,expose one USB port to the docker (like I used to do till now) while letting synology use one of the other USB ports in the main synology OS for the ups.

I have the same configuration (APC/Sysology/Docker/Openhab) running well . Have you added the USB port to the devices section of the Docker config? That is probably the first place I would look. As you said, there are several steps to configuring Openhab on the Syno. All of the steps that I used are in this post.