Syntax Highlighting for external editors "Notepad++"

I am wondering if anyone is taking care of the files and updating the files for Notepad++. I use it and like the functionality over the designer. Specifically the ability to keep the file open and save without having to close then reopen the file. The xml files for it are located in google code that is about to close in January 2016. Also the only git repo I could find containing the files was updated a year ago.

LeX Luther

You can save the file and keep it open in Designer using <ctrl>-s.

Personally, the <ctrl>-<space> key combo to auto complete my typing is invaluable to discover what methods exist on the various Items and classes and variable names more than makes up for some of the odd quirks and lack of direction in Designer (e.g. how are we to just know to press the little folder icon to load my configurations, why isn’t there a top level menu to provide this?).

Beyond that, I think the syntax highlighting is being maintained on the wiki. It looks pretty basic for Notepad++ though. I might be worth while augmenting it.


The link in the Wiki still points to the google code repo and there is obviously no file left there. Does anyone know where to find the definition files for NotePad++?

The screen copy looks great, I could definitely use such an help and I am sure others would as well !


Answering to myself: I finally could locate the files on the openhab Gooogle Group (!topic/openhab/VXdBiaY8XB8) and I created a github for that ( in case it may be of some help to someone.



@Laurent_Chauvin Thank you! I’ve been looking around for these Notepad ++ syntax files for openHAB. Much appreciated.

Note that @Confectrician is working on adding syntax highlighting info for various editors to the official documentation:

It’ll be merged soon hopefully :slight_smile:

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Some last changes and they will have a place in the docs finally. :slight_smile:

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Hi! Does the notepad++ language file available for OPENHAB? I just try to install files from but it fail to import error.

Did you follow the steps described in the Notepad++ Docs?

They seem to work for me.
Beware, that you have to merge them together in the userDefineLang.xml file.


Thank you, @Confectrician. I try to import file from menu Language- Define you Language - Import and get Import Fail Error.
Does the important exactle file name - “userDefineLang.xml”. Can you share yours userDefineLang.xml?
Best regards.

Here it is:

You can reach the correct folder with the line i typed in the windows explorer.


Thank you very much! That works great!

@Confectrician any chance this could be submitted as a Notepad++ Plugin?

Promising Part of my answer:
Fur sure if someone does the work.

Frustrating part of my answer:
I won’t do that.

I used Notepad++ for OH in a time where I was a bit disappointed from the ESH Designer.

Since we have got a wonderful and maintained VSCode Extension I have switched over completely.

Of course I will try to help others when they have problems with the language files and I am able to give tips and hints.
But I won’t invest further time here.

I already started helping @kubawolanin with some small snippets and I will continue trying to improve the VSCode extension.