Sysinfo Binding install tip Ubuntu on x64 Intel

Hi Everyone,

After spending several hours on trying to figure out why the Sysinfo Binding would not work on my new Openhab 2.5 dedicated PC running Linux Mint x64 (Ne Ubuntu Ne Debian) I finally figure out the quick fix so I thought I would share it.

Simply for me it was to install the 32-bit (x386) version of libudev with the following command.

sudo apt-get install libudev1:i386

I had followed many threads and google searches with the various (and different) errors I found in the logs and finally found this fix. Now some of the articles I found said you had to create a symlink between various different files and many people commented that the symlinks were a bad idea. For me it was as simple as installing this library. Note that I already had the AMDx64 version installed on my box.

I hope this helps someone else to save time.



Thank you very much for sharing, @AndrewTheCanuck

This fixed my issue with sysinfo on my Intel NUC running Ubuntu server 20.04 right away!