System Crashed, Now I have to start over

I started playing with OH several months ago. I had finally figured out how to get my ESP8266’s talking to OH via some Arduino code. I had 1 light switch and 3 thermometers working. A week ago something happened to my network that wiped out all my ESP’s and the router. I Factory reset the router to get it working again. I have been reading about the Tasmota software for the ESPs. I got the program for those and got them all set up and running within minutes. I went to check my RPi 2B+ and it stopped working too. So I downloaded the latest openHAB and have been reading about the new changes to the MQTT. I have watched a bunch of videos and have been reading a lot but some of the stuff is outdated and doesn’t work.

I have just tried to install the latest download of OH and have received an error while the program was installing :
Updating repositories and upgrading installed packages…FAILED

Does anyone have easy directions on how to create a switch and thermometer in OH using the Tasmota modules and MQTT? Thank you


You won’t be able to do that until you have successfully installed openHAB.

After that, this looks helpful

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